Since I completed my True Colour Expert Certification with Maria Killam this year, a lot of my business is color consulting. I really enjoy creating balanced interiors, where color flows harmoniously from one space to the next. Here’s a great idea from Iris Interiors so you can always have a little touch-up paint on hand. Thanks, Iris!

Inspired Design

I love being organized – it can save so much time if your are able to achieve it!  Pinterest is a great source for organizing and DIY tips, and one day when I have too much time, I will test and implement everyone of those fantastic ideas!

One idea I just recently came up with is to create a paint-touch-up-kit for my clients.  I had been searching for the perfect containers for a while until I realized that small mason jars will do just fine.  With the help of round Avery labels each jar was quickly and easily labelled.

2012-12-06 11.09.49

I kept the jars in the cardboard case they came in which made it is to carry the whole “kit”.

2012-12-06 11.09.27

Lessons learned?  I had purchased mason jars with the 2 part lid.  Next time I will buy jars with a full lid, I think that will work even better. Additionally I…

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