Slow Luxe Living

Lately, I’ve been trying to decide whether Slow Luxe Living is a new concept or a very traditional way of making design choices.  Either way, I think it makes sense more than ever.  It’s timely.  And it’s timeless.

Slow Design is to the home what Slow Food was to the plate.  Like the slow food movement, Slow Design is about choosing high quality, local, sustainable objects for the home in a more mindful way.

Might take a bit longer to source and receive these items because they aren’t plunked into an online shopping cart and mass-produced on the third shift overseas, but the wait and effort is definitely worthwhile.

Slow Design puts skilled artisans and craftspeople to work.  It has a smaller footprint.  It uses better materials.  It’s designed and built to endure.  It’s thoughtfully detailed.  Heirloom quality.  Often bespoke.  And most of all, it has heart and soul.

In a sense, Slow Luxe Design is about inheritability and authenticity.  These are the two things I most want to bring to my projects.  Whether new, vintage, custom, high in price or low, I want to create spaces that are real and lasting.  Spaces that don’t ring true for the people who live in them–or aren’t of enduring quality–just won’t stand the test of time.

Slow Luxe Life celebrates the luxury of locally handcrafted and carefully curated vintage and antique items to create a thoughtful narrative.

Bauman Photographers

Let me know if you are interested in a particular Slow Luxe Design topic.  Do you know about an American company or craftsman that I should let the Slow Luxe Living world know about?  I’m looking forward to exploring Slow Luxe Design with you!


2 thoughts on “Slow Luxe Living

  1. Andrea – I love the idea of the Inheritable Home and look forward to following your exploration of Slow Luxe Design with you. My husband’s company – is just one of many small craftsman shops working with wood, metal, glass, and stone across our country. Getting to know his peers in our hometown of Charleston is opening my eyes to the desperate need our country has for your discussion. Another one of my favorite sites highlighting the beauty of making things is photographer Jennifer Causey’s wonderful

    Julie Hussey

    • Thank you so much, Julie! So happy to connect with you. Your husband is amazingly talented. And really appreciate you sharing Jennifer Causey’s Maker’s Project with me. Her images are so gorgeous and authentic they actually make my heart hurt. I love that.

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