Driven to Abstraction with Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

Between you and Mother Nature, I am having a hard time staying focused.  And I have a lot of work to do.

Take all these beautiful pictures I’ve found, thanks to you.  Yes, I just keep obsessively pinning them to my Color board.  As soon as I finish posting, I am going to call my cousin, who is a psychiatrist, and ask her if there is an Obsessive Compulsive Pinterest Disorder in the DSM III.

After I stop pinning.

Hey, these are nice….

You can be sure I’m never going to make a purse out of a pillowcase in three easy steps from somebody’s Pinterest board. I use my boards to gather up thought bubbles for projects. I use them to see things from other people’s points of view. I use them to “own” things I never will. I use them to go places I have never gone and see things I’ve never seen.

When I’m not distracted by Pinterest, you might find me in my garden this time of year.  The pomegranate in the photo “grows” there, right outside my office.  It is a sculpture by the wonderful team of Little and Lewis, a very special birthday gift from my husband.  It has a fantastic Slow Luxe story behind it, which I will gladly share with you soon.  It involves wild berries, the inspiring garden gallery of my friends David and George, Bainbridge Island’s best ice cream and ultimately a trip through the Washington wine country with a truck full of cement Gunnera leaves and my amazing giant pomegranate.  But, I digress…..

What do you pin and why do you pin it? Am I the only one with OCPD?!  What wonderful colorful abstract distractions are growing in your garden?

Have a wonderful weekend!

All images above via Pinterest.


4 thoughts on “Driven to Abstraction with Pinterest

  1. I completely agree about the Pinterest distraction. It’s such a great tool for gathering ideas or even having clients pin to get a feel for their style. But at the same time, I can get lost for hours looking at beautiful pictures. And every time I see something that resonates me I have the uncontrollable urge to pin it. Beautiful blog!

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