This post by Julie Hussey of Quartersawn really shows why The Urban Electric Company is pretty much what I consider the definitive Slow Luxe, Inheritable lighting collection. Thank you, Julie, for a fantastic article!


About a month ago, I posted a link about The Urban Electric Company: This Is What Charleston Made Craftsmanship Looks Like.  After watching their short videos and appreciating their focus on craftsmanship, I was thrilled when Bill and I were invited to tour their 65,000 square foot refurbished warehouse on the former Navy Base in North Charleston.

Setting out to interview local craftspeople, I was not certain what to do with the company’s founder and president, Dave Dawson.  Dave is not a craftsman, but the more he showed us around, the more I realized he is someone every craftsperson needs to know.

The job of “plate spinner” for a luxury lighting design and production company was the farthest from Dave’s mind when he received his law degree and started his professional career.  It was not until he and his wife Jennifer moved to Charleston and started seeking lighting for their own…

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