The Camera is Mightier than the Keyboard

I have to thank Julie Hussey profusely for introducing me to The Makers Project.  Julie writes a wonderful blog called Quartersawn, which celebrates Everything Slow in Charleston.  Charleston, you might already know, is the home of my favorite lighting company, The Urban Electric Company.  It is also just one of my favorite towns, and perhaps even more so as I read on Julie’s blog what a wonderful vibrant, tight-knit community of artisans it has.  That community includes Julie’s husband, Bill, who is a woodworker specializing in custom doors.

Now, about Jennifer Causey and The Makers Project.

Jennifer is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose exquisite photographs celebrate those who “make things and make things happen.”  Her shots of such diverse artisans as a chocolatier, a food stylist, a jeweler and even an axe maker inspire and amaze me.

I could ramble all day on the Slow Luxe Life and never communicate all the inheritable luxury of just one of Jennifer Causey’s shots.  They say everything I want to say about eschewing the mass-produced and embracing the handcrafted and local.  Only they say it so much more beautifully.

2 thoughts on “The Camera is Mightier than the Keyboard

  1. I commented earlier on another post about Charleston; that Charleston has it all! American history, charm, a wonderful variety of shops and restaurants and some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. Now I’ve learned about an interesting community of aritsans….I am looking forward to visiting Quartersawn.

    I hope you are doing well!

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