Going to the Flea! Day #28: Have Fun

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Today is Day #28: Have Fun. So, well, I guess you could say I’m just following orders. I’m heading up to the flea market to do a bit of hunting and gathering–which is, like, I don’t know, in my top five things in the world to do. I love love love it.

Usually, I go with someone–my friend, Kerry, for example, who I met while she was working at our former Waterworks showroom; she has a fantastic eye and loves a hunt. Or my friend Emily, a graphic designer who also has a great eye but looks nervous when I ask her if she wants to go to the Flea with me (after I dragged her all over Paris hunting and gathering last year, she knows how seriously I take this stuff.)

But, today I’m on my own and I’m on a mission.
I’ll give you a full report tomorrow, but for now, I’m off to Have Fun. Gotta do it. It’s Day 28, folks.

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