Time for me to do some heavy lifting. Day #27: Clean Your Workspace.

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Clean Your Workspace. That’s what the advice of the day is. It’s great advice if you want to clear the decks for creativity to occur.

Of course, those who either work with me or live with me, know that keeping my workspace clean is my constant challenge. For one thing, I’m nomadic. I work everywhere, spreading my things about as I go. I have a small den like office of my own, a large office I share with my assistants and then I work in my kitchen, my bedroom and my dining room, leaving traces of my restlessnessin my path. In no other area of my life do I allow this kind of chaos. Not even close. But when it comes to my workspace I let the piles build until I can’t take it–and then I do a massive workspace overhaul. I guess today is that day. Day #27. See you tomorrow!

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