Day #24: Create a Framework

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29 Ways to Stay Creative

Welcome to Day #24. Today we will be Creating a Framework.

And it’s a good thing, as Martha says. Because, if you’re anything like me, with a tendency to get a little, uh, tangential, in your creative problem solving, a framework can keep you focused.

Your framework is your narrative structure. In my case, the overall framework for my interior design work is Slow Luxe Design–Inheritable Design. Then there’s the framework of the project itself: What is the style? What is the scope? Who are the clients? I design within this framework, with well-considered, high-quality, local, handcrafted, vintage and antique items that tell a unique story.

When I look at products to use in my design projects, I look for those that fit within my framework. If you look at some of the companies I admire, you can see that.

Leontine Linens’ offers heirloom quality, handcrafted linens, made in Hardinsburg, Kentucky. The Urban Elelctric Company’s offers beautifully designed, timeless, handcrafted luxury lighting made in Charleston, South Carolina. Madeline Stuart’s upholstered and case goods combine stylish comfort with a refined aesthetic–and they have a small carbon foot print, being made right up the road from me in Los Angeles.

Without a starting point it can be difficult to even get going on some projects. If you want to flesh out an idea, you have to have a skeleton, right?

Okay, final thought on Creating a Framework. Sometimes, when I start a project, I use a piece of fabric or a tile detail, for example, to help me create my framework. Then, I start building my design narrative around that particular item. The palette comes out of it, the materials and finishes are inspired by it, and I let it guide me through the design process. I’m not trying to “match” it–I’m just using it to stay focused on my vision.

Speaking of projects, I’m starting an exciting project soon. It’s a Slow Luxe Design Project–and I plan to take you along as I post. It’s two lots in the village of La Jolla with knock-out ocean views. I can’t even tell you how rare an ocean view is in the village. Definitely worthy of some Inheritable Design. Can’t wait to share this process with you!

See? I’m off on a tangent…..

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