Day #22: Don’t Force It

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

On Day 22, we’re reminded not to force it. In other words, Don’t Try Too Hard.

By the way, this is where I go on my rant, in case you want to sneak out of this quietly. That’s because nothing kills creativity faster than Trying Too Hard.

Trying Too Hard kills the process and Trying Too Hard kills the end product. It takes all the fun out for you–and believe me, it will take all the fun out for the end user.

The great news is you don’t have to Try Too Hard. Have faith in your subconscious mind to solve your creative problems for you. If you’re “stuck”, sleep on the problem. Before you go to bed, visualize the problem, tell your subconscious mind to solve it for you, and when you wake up, it will be solved. A very wise creative director shared that trick with me about twenty years ago and it really works. Try it!

When someone is Trying Too Hard, we feel it. It’s like that woman who matches her makeup to her outfit. It’s contrived. It’s forced. Think about French fashion. It’s effortless chic. That’s one of the reasons why the French have always led in fashion creativity. They never look like they are Forcing It. The French build wardrobes of quality essentials and they brighten them up with unexpected accessories. (Not a bad way to design a room, by the way…..)

That’s why I gravitate to Slow Luxe Design. It’s a mix of high-quality unexpected design elements that are collected over time to tell my client’s story in an unpredictable and effortless way.

So, that’s my rant on Trying Too Hard. I’ll stop there. I think I might be on the verge of Forcing It.

Happy 18th, Alisa! Love you, love you.

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