Love it! Day #16: Go Somewhere New

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

When I see the words “Go Somewhere New”, I feel a little spring in my step. I imagine myself in far-flung countries, picking through treasures at antiques markets, perusing sculptures in magnificent museums, people-watching in outdoor cafes and meandering through formal gardens.

Last year, I visited Charleston, South Carolina for the first time. If you haven’t been there, and you want to Go Somewhere New, go there. What a fantastic city, full of history and architecture. I was there in the spring and everything was in bloom. Wow! That’s all I’m going to say. I also had the opportunity to tour The Urban Electric Company‘s workshop. Another wow! All of their lighting is bench made to order right there in Charleston. By the way, I just received a sneak preview of their 2012 Collection. Extra wow! This collection is designed by Michael Amato, who must “Go Somewhere New” often, because he is so incredibly creative.

Anyway, as creatively inspiring as world travel surely is, changing the scenery with a quick visit to something in your own backyard can be equally energizing. I know that, because the majority of my clients are in my own neighborhood, La Jolla, it is easy for me to go for weeks without getting out of my area. So, when I go out, I try to get out of my neighborhood and my element and see things in a different way.

A few weeks ago, I went out with my husband to a craft beer and pizza establishment in the North Park area of San Diego. The crowd was young and hip–but not trying too hard to be hip–families. The atmosphere was Slow. Slow Food. Slow Beer. Slow Design. Lots of recycled and repurposed materials and big, friendly tables. The owner, my husband told me, was a former graphic designer and the place had been a window blind factory in its previous life. Hence, the name: The Blind Lady. It sure perked me up creatively speaking. I’m pretty sure that even if I go there again, it will still help me stay creative.

So, how about you? Going somewhere new to stay creative? Drop us a line!

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