Okay, It’s Day #14: Don’t Give Up.

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

If you’re like me, Day #14’s advice is almost funny. You don’t have to be told NOT to give up on the pursuit of an idea. You might need to be reminded to back off for a while so it can bubble to the surface, as sometimes creativity prefers to do.

Personally, I can’t relax until I find the solution to the creative problem at hand. I don’t ever worry that I’m not going to find it. I’m just driven to get to the bottom of it. And sometimes, I think that the more you doggedly pursue an idea, the longer it hides–in plain sight, as it very often turns out.

There are just times that back-burnering your creative problem solving might be the best solution. Maybe that’s why some of my best ideas have come to me while I’m soaking in the bathtub.

What approach works for you? Do share!

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