Yay! It’s Day #11: Surround Yourself with Creative People

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

Ok, I was trying to love all 29 days equally, but I have to be honest: I’m a little partial to Day #11. It’s hard to stay creative in a vacuum. Being around other creative people is energizing and inspiring.

Part of why I started this blog has to do with this: I wanted to carve out a meeting place for anyone who is interested in Slow Luxe Design–inheritable design! This would be a place to inspire, collaborate, teach, share ideas, stories and resources.

Do you want to know how the amazing artisanal mirrored glass is created for the Urban Electric Company’s new Globus fixture? You would read about it here. You want to know how many pairs of hands work on each hand-embroidered piece from Leontine Linens in their workroom in Hardinsburg, Kentucky? I want to bring you that story. Want to hear about the abandoned factory that The New Traditionalists rehabilitated in New England to build their line of sustainably harvested neo-trad furniture? I want you to meet all of my Slow Luxe Design friends and hear their fantastic stories right here!

What I envision is creating a consortium of vendors, suppliers and designers who are committed to Slow Luxe Design. I really want to surround myself with others in the design trade who care about taking time to source high quality, well-crafted American made items or vintage, up cycled and antique items for the home instead of going to mass-market goods.

What do you think? Do you want to come to the Slow Luxe Design party? Do you know of anyone who might like an invitation?

The more creative people we surround ourselves with, the more we’ll stay creative. And the more fun we’ll have doing it. See you tomorrow!

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