What do you think? Day #12: Get Feedback

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
Ken Blanchard

In an earlier post, I mentioned that as a writer in advertising, I worked with a creative partner. We would go into a creative conference room and generate ideas until we barely had a synapse left. We covered every wall with layouts, sometimes hundreds of them. At some point, our creative directors would come into the room and look around. And we would get–yes, you guessed it–feedback. Ideas would come off the wall, others would stay, and the parting words were always, “keep thinking”.

Now, I’m not going to say that the feedback we got always made us happy. Sometimes, it really bummed us out. Why? Because creative people of all kinds can get in to the habit of drinking their own Kool-Aid. Occasionally, we fell in love with our own ideas. But, our creative directors’ feedback was usually right on–we were off strategy. We needed to keep thinking. We needed to push ourselves beyond the obvious solutions. When you see a piece of furniture, a light fixture, a film, a custom rug or a piece of art that makes you see things in a way you never have before, you can be sure the creative person behind it was propelled forward by some form of feedback.

Feedback makes us stronger. It helps us hone our creative problem solving skills and keeps us from being complacent. Do you have any feedback for me? I would love to hear it.

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