Day #10: Stay Open

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Ah, Day #10: Stay Open. If you want to stay creative, staying open goes with the territory.

One person who taught me a lot about staying open was my late father in law, Lou. Aside from my own late grandfather, Robert Sunshine, Lou was one of the most open people I’ve known, to all kinds of possibilities. He was a great dreamer. A visionary. He could see cool in places and things and people that others just didn’t quite “get”. Not yet, anyway. He was always a few steps ahead of everyone else, whether it was in antiques or real estate or anything that caught his eye. When he and my mother-in-law moved to San Diego from New York, everyone scratched their heads. “Why there?” It was Lou’s idea. “Why not?” was the way Lou looked at most things.

And Lou was always open to a hunting and gathering adventure. He collected Stickley furniture when everyone else was turning their noses up at it. Once, when my husband was a kid, Lou got a line on some old parking meters. He took my husband out of school for the day so they could go and get the meters and take them to Pier One, where he sold the entire lot. His openness to adventure and offbeat experiences was inspirational.

Trust me. I could go on with Lou stories endlessly. And I can probably give you a million reasons that staying open can help you become a better creative problem solver. But even a post on staying open has to come to a close.


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