Day #8: Drink Coffee

Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue
29 Ways to Stay Creative

Oh, boy.  It’s Day #8:  Drink Coffee.  I had every intention of writing a very fine post about the virtues of this glorious beverage and how it can help you stay creative.  Yeah.  But…..

I had visitors.  Holli Everett, who represents The New Traditionalists here in San Diego, and David Harris, their Director of Marketing and Communications, visiting from New York.  (Sorry about the rainy, cold weather. Really.) And, well, we got to talking about all the things I about which I can get a bit, uh, exuberant.  Such as: Companies that make their products in the USA.  (Which The New Traditionalists do.)  And design that finds that magic balancing point between traditional and modern.  (Their line does.) We talked about the idea that true sustainability is inheritability–a product that is so well designed and made that it stands the test of time.

I had a chance to look at the New Traditionalists line, which is made from sustainably harvested woods and non-toxic finishes. It’s beautifully designed in SOHO and built in New England. It feels updated but timeless. It’s thoughtful, high-quality, inheritable design. Slow Luxe Design.  

I didn’t get to my post about drinking coffee because time got away as we talked about Slow Luxe Design.  Slow Food. Slow Living. And it was all very stimulating. Like a Slow Luxe Triple Espresso.  

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