Day #6: Take Breaks

29 Ways to Stay Creative
Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue

I’m a big fan of Day #6: Take Breaks!

After all, there simply wouldn’t be Slow Luxe Design without a few breaks along the way.

Slow Luxe Living is about slowing down your pace, getting out into the world, being part of a community, and making choices in a more mindful way.

A friend of mine used to say, “All of your design problems are solved in nature.” and as I take frequent breaks to wander around my garden or walks in my neighborhood with my husband, I’m amazed at how often that statement rings true.

Here’s a great example: As the story goes, when James Klein and David Reid of the New York porcelain design studio, Kleinreid, first approached the late legendary Eva Zeisel to partner with them on a project, she invited them to come with her to her home in upstate New York.

“When we arrived upstate the next day, she ordered us out of the car to take a walk through a nearby apple orchard insisting, “You live in New York City and need to see trees and nature.” We spent the rest of the day on her patio drawing forms and cutting paper silhouettes.” The lovely “Eva” collection came from that initial “break”.

That’s the essence of Slow Luxe Design and Slow Luxe Life, folks. So, take a walk. Hit an estate sale. Cook a great meal.  See a movie. Just get “off the clock” for a while. You may find you get more out of your “on the clock” time if you do.

That’s Day 6. Take Breaks. Enjoy!

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