#2: Carry a Notebook Everywhere

29 Ways to Stay Creative
Credited to Life on Michigan Avenue

Well, here we are. Day Two. Carry a notebook everywhere. In theory, I think this is great advice. Personally, in practice, it doesn’t always work for me.

First of all, I’m disloyal to my notebooks. I will love a notebook and leave it at the drop of a hat. If a cuter notebook comes along, I’ll leave my current notebook high and dry. I don’t care how inspired we’ve been together.

My associate, Gerald, is the model notebook-carrying citizen. He has the same notebook with him at all times, full of sketches and notes, ideas, lists, secret handshakes and directions to job sites. I admire Gerald’s commitment and loyalty to his notebook. I just can’t lead a life of notebook monogamy. (I hope you don’t think less of me now that you know this.)

If I dig deep, I think the thing about the notebook is that I’m not really committed to the notebook concept at all. It’s too confining. I need more real estate and I don’t like being tethered to one place.

For most of my adult creative life as a copywriter, I carried around a stack of 8 1/2″ xx 11″ printer paper for the purpose of generating ideas. Before I transitioned to wallpapering rooms with Neisha Crosland, Cole & Son and Lee Jofa wall papers, I would hole up in a creative conference room with an art director, fill up each of those pieces of paper with an idea and “wallpaper” the entire room with them until it was pencils up.

I guess the general upshot here is, whether you jot down your nuggets in a notebook, on a sheet of loose paper or on the bathroom mirror, just get them down somewhere. That’s how I think you can stay creative. How do you stay creative? Talk to me.

Want to see the video by To-Fu? 29 Ways to Stay Creative


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