#1: Make Lists

This marks Day One in my 29-day Blogathon inspired by To-Fu’s 29 Ways to Stay Creative.

I credit Life on Michigan Avenue with this printed list for your review.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Now, then. Here is my personal list on why I make lists to help me stay creative:

1. I have a lot of distracting minutiae buzzing around in my head at all times of the day. You probably do, too. If I don’t corral my minutiae somewhere, it will just keep throwing flak at the screen. Making lists frees up data space in my brain so that the creativity can flow.

2. Making lists is fun. Checking things off lists is even more fun. It’s empowering. You picked up your dry cleaning and made an appointment to have your teeth cleaned. Now your brain can go out an play.  Party on, my friend.

3. Make lists of all your ideas. The good ones. The bad ones. The crazy ones. The “blue sky” ideas. The kernels of ideas. All of them. I’ve had some really great ideas that I forgot to put down on my list. At least I think they were great ideas. We’ll never know.

Speaking of lists, I know that there are some pretty creative people on my email list. You know who you are.  I know who you are.  So, tell me: How do you use lists to stay creative? What do you have to add to my list?  Please share.


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