Leave Room for a Lizard

I just dropped my oldest son off at the airport.  He’s heading back to New Orleans, where he’s finishing his sophomore year at Tulane.

On the drive home, I was thinking about a parent meeting I attended before school began when he was going into preschool.  Preschool!  Parents were earnestly asking the teacher, Betty, questions about the quality of the education their children would be receiving.  What platform were the computers?  Would they be reading Proust by mid-year?  Calculating pi?  Would they have a solid understanding of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand principle?

Betty patiently answered their questions and then she said, “We’ll do our best to follow the curriculum, but if someone brings in an interesting lizard, we have to get down on the rug and look at it.”

And that’s how I like to think of Slow Luxe Design:  We have a plan.  And it allows for discovery.  Something wonderful can happen.  We can find a great antique.  Discover an amazing artist.  Find a vintage light fixture.  Or keep our eyes open for a handcrafted piece of furniture from a local craftsman.  You never know.  That’s what’s fun.

Did you discover something wonderful this weekend?  Do you have a great tale of hunting and gathering to share?  Are you looking for something special?  I’m about to launch my retail site and I have some great treasures!  And if I don’t have what you’re looking for, I will see what I can do to assist you in your search.

One of four Eiffel Towers in this gorgeous Pol Bury print.

One of the four Tours in Les Quatres Tours Juxtaposes by Pol Bury, father of Kinetic Scupture

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